Merle Liivak: I prefer natural home care products

Who thinks that their house and laundry get only clean with the help of strongly smelling household chemicals need to try some eco-friendly home care products or soda and vinegar mix for a change. A mother of three and a journalist, Merle Liivak, created a healthy chemical free home and yes, it is possible!

’I am very sensitive to household cleaners and because of a chronical health problem of one of my children, I have to make natural and eco-friendly choices as much as it is possible. Therefore, for many years we have used only fragrance and colour free home care products, which are usually eco-friendly, too. It does not matter to me if my laundry is bright white, although it is also possible to reach the effect with eco-friendly detergents. Families with small babies do not simply have time to ensure this perfection, the most important thing is to make sure that the laundry is clean and does not cause any allergic reactions. The same thing is valid for all other home care products. For example, instead of tablets I put some soda and vinegar mix to my dishwasher and dishes get perfectly clean and fragrance free.

Recently I tested Mulieres laundry wash and multi cleaner named Pure Unscented (no fragrance at all) in order to exclude all kinds of unpleasant skin or lung reactions. I was very satisfied with both. Laundry wash worked well for my clothes. Of course, I had to deal with blueberry smoothie stains separately, but I was prepared for that. I would definitely use the laundry wash in the future, as well as the multi cleaner. In fact, when cleaning various surfaces at home, I manage well with just lukewarm water (sometimes using some soda or vinegar too), although a ready-made product in a bottle is of course much handier to use. Mulieres packages are also very attractive and have the aesthetics I really like. In addition, I do really prefer Estonian domestic products! Different certifications and awards make it also easier to make a buying decision during the shopping process and this is the case of Mulieres, too. Still it is important for me that the product is natural and in some cases – organic.

Even though some of our family members are more sensitive than the others, I make my choices to the benefit of the whole family. Our life is anyway full of various chemicals, which affect us through colorant leftovers in the clothing fibres or food full of E numbers, not to mention pesticides, antibiotics, hormones and fumes. That is why I try to choose home care products which are as natural as possible, even though I have no hypersensitivity or allergies to washing and cleaning products. Because sensitivity occurs over time just because you get in contact with a lot of chemicals every day and at some point your body will start to react to that,“ concludes Merle.

Mulieres natural and organic home care products are produced in Estonia. Pure Unscented series is suitable for very sensitive and allergic skin, because it was developed by a family, whose baby was very allergic to all kinds of chemicals. Internationally recognized ECOCERT Organic certificate confirms that the ingredients used in Mulieres products are of 99,97% natural origin, they are biodegradable and safe for the environment. In addition, 10.26% of the ingredients are from organic farming, whereas all the production systems are compliant with the sustainable development standards. By the way, according to international studies, less than 1% of home care products are certified as natural and organic.

Mulieres product line is based on skin-friendly olive oil that has excellent cleaning qualities, but at the same time does not irritate sensitive skin. Mulieres products do not contain parabens, petroleum products, artificial flavourings nor colouring agents, they are not tested on animals: Mulieres is known as the first Estonian brand to bear the Vegan Society’s ’Vegan’ label. The scentless series is recommended by the Estonian Allergy Association and Mulieres natural laundry wash in Rose Garden scent is the winner of Natural & Organic Awards Scandinavia 2016 in best new eco/natural living product category. In addition, there are also Fresh Citrus and Nordic Forest scents, both are based on high-quality essential oils. Even the packaging is special: it is biodegradable and made from processed cardboard.

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Foto: Krõõt Tarkmeel