Mulieres was born when our family had children whose skin did not tolerate common chemical cleaning products.

The need for an effective and natural detergent suitable for hypersensitive and allergic skin encouraged us to experiment with soap recipes found in my grandmother’s drawer. In the beginning we made our natural and environmentally friendly detergents only for our own use, but soon started supplying our friends and family too. Mulieres’ range of laundry and cleaning products was grown from making homemade soap and has been discovered by thousands of families around the world.

So far, Mulieres has firmly established itself in ten different European countries, but customers have found our products in the most remote parts of the world – from Taiwan to Dubai. Our passionate desire to make the world greener is well represented by the fact that 80% of our production goes abroad.

We are determined to prove that a small green corner of the planet like Estonia can change the world.

Positive feedback from family and friends to our early experiments inspired us to delve into the diverse world of natural cleaning products.

When developing our recipes and formulas, we turned our attention to traditions. We wanted to see what kind of products and methods were used by our ancestors before the natural way of life was left behind with the chemical revolution of the last century. We researched possible ingredients, tested different active ingredients and looked for the best environmentally friendly production and packaging options. Over the years of development and research, our original recipe was significantly improved and Mulieres was born – a product line we can be proud of. All our products are made from natural ingredients, packaged in an environmentally friendly way and work efficiently.

We are working towards ensuring that more and more people make natural consumption choices that are safe for both people and the environment around us. We want to change people’s thinking and cleaning habits – so the world would change step by step.

We want to share our knowledge and experience that caring about the nature is possible without compromising on the quality of life. Quite the opposite, caring for nature can only improve the quality of life.


“One day we noticed that our child’s skin is red and irritated. We began to look into the matter and realized that our home and laundry cleaning products were not suitable for sensitive skin. As we did not find the right natural products for us on the market, we decided to make them ourselves and do it properly. And Mulieres was born! ”

Merylin Rüütli

The creator of Mulieres, mother of 4 children

Mulieres cleaning products are based on skin-friendly olive oil, which has been proven to have good cleansing properties and while being effective does not irritate the skin.

The cleaning abilities of detergents developed in our family’s cozy production building have been tested and confirmed by smart people in white coats in the laboratories of Tallinn University of Technology. Our products do not cause harm to living organisms or the environment around us. Mulieres’ products are a safe choice for families with children and people with sensitive skin and allergies.

We want to give users of our products the opportunity to wash and clean their homes in harmony with nature, without overburdening the already fragile balance of the Baltic Sea.

Nearly 85 million people live on the shores of the Baltic Sea, and due to its special geographical, climatic and oceanographic characteristics, our sea is very sensitive to the environmental impacts of human activities. More and more people are concerned and feel responsible for the living environment we pass on to our children. Mulieres products are based on natural surfactants, the most common of which is green soap, so our products are also biodegradable. The Baltic Sea countries have agreed on the common goal of restoring the health of the Baltic Sea marine environment. Mulieres is happy to contribute!


At the Natural & Organic Awards Scandinavia 2016 competition, the washing gel “Rose Garden” was awarded the highest recognition as the best new natural lifestyle product with “Best New Eco / Natural Living Product”.

 100% VEGAN

Vegan certification is a beacon for consumers of vegan products, their families and friends. The sunflower symbol can be found on food and drink products, cosmetics, cleaning products and services. The Vegan Society’s “vegan” label dates back to 1944, where the sunflower symbol assures customers that the company produces good quality and ethical products. Mulieres products have not been tested on animals and all ingredients are 100% of plant origin. Mulieres has an international Vegan Society certificate.


Our unscented washing gel and multi cleaner have received the approval label from the Estonian Allergy and Asthma Federation, which proves that they are safe, reliable, fragrance-free and do not contain irritating or hypersensitive ingredients. None of our products contain parabens, petroleum, synthetic fragrances, dyes or harmful preservatives.


ECOCERT is one of Europe’s strictest and most reputable standards and one of the most recognized certifications globally. ECOCERT has issued Mulieres’ washing gels and cleaning products a certitificate of “EcoCert natural detergent, made with ORGANIC”, which confirms that the washing gels, general cleaning products and production systems follow the standard of sustainable development. EcoCert certification confirms that Mulieres products are biodegradable, the ingredients are 99.97% of natural origin and 10.26% of all ingredients come from organic farming.


We use this label on all products, emphasizing that the product is biodegradable, paraben-free and provide information on the natural ingredient percentage. 99.97% for washing gels for example.