We want to protect the environment in producing, packaging and using our products. Even the smallest details are important to us. We make sure that residues from Mulieres, such as packaging and washing water, are not dangerous for the environment. Because everything that is dangerous to the environment is dangerous to us.

Mulieres’ concentrated products provide more washing and cleaning cycles than usual. Our liquid products – washing gels, multi cleaners and vinegar are packaged in bottles made from a recycled cardboard and a protective liner bag made of recyclable plastic. This way we have achieved that our packaging contains as much as 70% less of that annoying plastic!

Everything else from Mulieres, that is not liquid, is absolutely plastic-free. Even the labels and the glue to stick them on are eco-friendly!


At the Natural & Organic Awards Scandinavia 2016 competition, the washing gel “Rose Garden” was awarded the highest recognition as the best new natural lifestyle product with “Best New Eco / Natural Living Product”.

 100% VEGAN

Vegan certification is a beacon for consumers of vegan products, their families and friends. The sunflower symbol can be found on food and drink products, cosmetics, cleaning products and services. The Vegan Society’s “vegan” label dates back to 1944, where the sunflower symbol assures customers that the company produces good quality and ethical products. Mulieres products have not been tested on animals and all ingredients are 100% of plant origin. Mulieres has an international Vegan Society certificate.


Our unscented washing gel and multi cleaner have received the approval label from the Estonian Allergy and Asthma Federation, which proves that they are safe, reliable, fragrance-free and do not contain irritating or hypersensitive ingredients. None of our products contain parabens, petroleum, synthetic fragrances, dyes or harmful preservatives.


ECOCERT is one of Europe’s strictest and most reputable standards and one of the most recognized certifications globally. ECOCERT has issued Mulieres’ washing gels and cleaning products a certitificate of “EcoCert natural detergent, made with ORGANIC”, which confirms that the washing gels, general cleaning products and production systems follow the standard of sustainable development. EcoCert certification confirms that Mulieres products are biodegradable, the ingredients are 99.97% of natural origin and 10.26% of all ingredients come from organic farming.


We use this label on all products, emphasizing that the product is biodegradable, paraben-free and provide information on the natural ingredient percentage. 99.97% for washing gels for example.