Krista Lensin: I am a Clean Freak!

If one is not ashamed to admit that one is a clean freak and lives happily in the instant household chemistry scents, then this must be Krista Lensin. However, recently she got a chance to try a new range of ecological home care products, which shook the foundations of her beliefs and even made her dog happy. 

’My clean freakiness has always been linked to the fact that clean surfaces must have a scent and if I live among the fragrance chemicals, then I am actually very happy! That is why I was a bit sceptical about Mulieres natural and environmentally friendly home care when I was given a set of products to try. It often happens with ecological products that these lack any scent, which I actually need to confirm the cleanliness. This time, however, I got an unexpected result, because the multi cleaner had a very pleasant aroma and all the surfaces became cleanest clean. I read from the packaging that after the cleaning it is necessary to wipe the surfaces with a dry cloth and I already thought that this is indeed tedious, that is extra work! Nevertheless, I did not follow the recommendations and everything worked well – no stains or streaks left anywhere, even in the kitchen, where I have a lot of stainless steel. The multi cleaner did the same good job to my bathroom and other rooms; it is perfectly suitable for floor cleaning as well.

Usually it is quite costly to support domestic products, although we still do it with great joy. What I liked about Mulieres multi cleaner is that you can mix a small amount of the concentrate in water – this way it can be used for very long time and it is a great value for money. You just add one cap of the product to a spray bottle and top off with some lukewarm water, one multi cleaner container is enough for at least 25 spray bottles. In addition, the packaging is just fantastic and very handy to use!

Mulieres laundry wash did a good job to my clothes: the fact that the aroma was very subtle got compensated by the knowledge that my body is in contact with clothing that does not cause any allergic reactions. If cleanliness has always meant lots of fragrance chemicals to me, then after trying Mulieres it just means a pleasant smell and a feeling of purity. Let me be frank – if the rest of my family did put up with my clean freakiness, the dog was quite unhappy. Now that I use Mulieres, the dog is satisfied as well,’ summarises Krista her experience with the new eco-friendly home care products.

Mulieres natural and organic home care products are produced in Estonia. Pure Unscented series is suitable for very sensitive and allergic skin, because it was developed by a family, whose baby was very allergic to all kinds of chemicals. Internationally recognized ECOCERT Organic certificate confirms that the ingredients used in Mulieres products are of 99,97% natural origin, they are biodegradable and safe for the environment. In addition, 10.26% of the ingredients are from organic farming, whereas all the production systems are compliant with the sustainable development standards. By the way, according to international studies, less than 1% of home care products are certified as natural and organic.

Mulieres product line is based on skin-friendly olive oil that has excellent cleaning qualities, but at the same time does not irritate sensitive skin. Mulieres products do not contain parabens, petroleum products, artificial flavourings nor colouring agents, they are not tested on animals: Mulieres is known as the first Estonian brand to bear the Vegan Society’s ’Vegan’ label. The scentless series is recommended by the Estonian Allergy Association and Mulieres natural laundry wash in Rose Garden scent is the winner of Natural & Organic Awards Scandinavia 2016 in best new eco/natural living product category. In addition, there are also Fresh Citrus and Nordic Forest scents, both are based on high-quality essential oils. Even the packaging is special: it is biodegradable and made from processed cardboard.

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Foto: Kristjan Lepp