Karolin Kuusik: I know this is strange, but sometimes I smell the laundry detergent, just like that!

Fashion designer, stylist and mother Karolin Kuusik finds that it is important that the product is domestic, although above all it must be of high quality. Her absolute favourite is Mulieres laundry detergent in Nordic Forest scent, which she likes to smell from time to time.

Of course I like it when the laundry detergent is so good that in addition to a pleasant aroma and nice packaging it gets clothes clean in an environmentally-friendly way. My favourite is Mulieres laundry detergent in Nordic Forest scent – it was the love from the first „sniff“. I know it sounds weird, but sometimes I just take the bottle cap and smell all those aromas: pinecones, resin and wood… Awesome! Nevertheless, the most important thing is that my clothes get clean in a natural way. If it is necessary to remove stains from the clothing, then it is a good idea to rub the gel on stains, but I think you know it yourself, don’t you?

As a big fan of design, I find that packaging is an important part of the product – Mulieres has quite a stylish, minimalistic and attractive packaging. It looks very eco-friendly too, so it is easy to find the right thing in a shop. My son Lev really likes to help me with the laundry, so whenever he can, he opens the machine and pulls out the damp clothes. And I let him play knowing it is totally safe, as they have been washed naturally.

It is also important for that the product is made in Estonia, however, the most important thing is the quality and effectiveness of the product. I am glad that my family and I have found Mulieres natural home care products,“ Karolin Kuusik concludes.

Mulieres natural and organic home care products are produced in Estonia. Pure Unscented series is suitable for very sensitive and allergic skin, because it was developed by a family, whose baby was very allergic to all kinds of chemicals. Internationally recognized ECOCERT Organic certificate confirms that the ingredients used in Mulieres products are of 99,97% natural origin, they are biodegradable and safe for the environment. In addition, 10.26% of the ingredients are from organic farming, whereas all the production systems are compliant with the sustainable development standards. By the way, according to international studies, less than 1% of home care products are certified as natural and organic.

Mulieres product line is based on skin-friendly olive oil that has excellent cleaning qualities, but at the same time does not irritate sensitive skin. Mulieres products do not contain parabens, petroleum products, artificial flavourings nor colouring agents, they are not tested on animals: Mulieres is known as the first Estonian brand to bear the Vegan Society’s ’Vegan’ label. The scentless series is recommended by the Estonian Allergy Association and Mulieres natural laundry wash in Rose Garden scent is the winner of Natural & Organic Awards Scandinavia 2016 in best new eco/natural living product category. In addition, there are also Fresh Citrus and Nordic Forest scents, both are based on high-quality essential oils. Even the packaging is special: it is biodegradable and made from processed cardboard.

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