Is your office green?

Just because your office walls are green doesn’t mean your office is green. If your office is so full of indoor plants that the desks can’t fit in, it doesn’t mean your office is green.

An office is truly green only if it operates according to the Green Office principle:

  • When electricity, water and heating are consumed sparingly
  • When waste is sorted
  • When sustainable means of transport are used to come to work
  • When procurement of goods and services is based on their environmental friendliness

At home, it is easy for us to make sustainable choices: serve fresh and high-quality local food, use cosmetics and cleaning products with natural ingredients, sort garbage and reduce packaging pollution – and teach your children to take care of the environment and their health.

But what about the office, where we spend about a third of every working day?

The fact is that the bigger the office, the more difficult it is to reach a consensus on more sustainable office life. Fortunately, it is becoming important for more and more people that the companies they work for and whose products they consume are responsible and sustainable.

However, these big and weighty words also start from much smaller things than office-wide energy consumption. For example, what products are used to clean the coffee cup, work surfaces or floors and whether the soap I use to wash my hands is the best for both me and nature. And every employee should have a say in deciding such things.

Take your first steps towards working in a green office and use Mulieres cleaning and hygiene products. Mulieres natural cleaning products are effective, affordable and environmentally friendly, and although we are a small Estonian family business, our products have already reached thousands of Estonian homes and about 15 different countries, from Finland to Japan. Now it’s time to conquer the offices too.

Why Mulieres products?

  • Our products effectively clean work and kitchen surfaces, floors, glass surfaces, mirrors, bathrooms and dishes.
  • Our products are universal and easy to use.
  • Our products have EcoCert and Vegan certificates. EcoCert is one of the most well-known natural product certificates in the world, and the Vegan certificate proves that only plant-based ingredients have been used in the production.
  • Experiments have shown that the compounds of our products decompose 97-100% in 28 days when they get into nature.
  • You can order all the cleaning products you need in the office from one place: general cleaner, liquid hand soap, dishwashing tablets, dishwashing liquid, vinegar, spray bottles, household cloths and sponges.

What is the benefit for the entrepreneur?

  • Better reputation of the company. A sustainable working environment is becoming an increasingly prominent factor that makes good specialists prefer one or another company.
  • Better working environment and satisfied employees. Research shows that a green working environment improves the productivity of men in particular. Women are good anyway.
  • Considerable savings, for example one Mulieres universal cleaning product is enough for 25 spray bottles of cleaning agent for cleaning work surfaces, kitchen and bathroom. The price of one spray bottle of cleaning agent is thus only 40 cents.

Mulieres products can be easily ordered from our online store We will deliver your order quickly to a parcel machine or to the office by courier.