Fashion designer and stylist and a mother of a little boy Karolin Kuusik has become a regular user of Mulieres products. Her favourite product by far is our natural laundry wash in Nordic Forest scent. Karolin was kind enough to share her Mulieres experience with us.


“As a designer and design enthusiast I would also like to start with the package – it’s a bit modest, stylish and totally likable. Looks eco for me, so finding it on the endless shelves of the supermarket is easy enough.

When I experienced the scent I totally fell in love with it. I know it’s probably not normal, but I can’t help it to occasionally just uncork the bottle to experience the pleasant aroma of wood, cones and resin. Amazing!

It’s great to acknowledge that this nicely scented and packed 100% natural laundry wash really works as well. In case of heavier stains on light colored clothes it’s better to rub some wash gel on them beforehand but that’s understandable.

My son Lev really likes to help me with the laundry, so whenever he can, he opens the machine and pulls out the damp clothes. And I let him play the game because I know it’s totally safe because they have been washed naturally.

It’s also important for me that Mulieres is an Estonian brand. But first of all, the product has to work as well. I’m pleased that I have found Mulieres washing and cleaning products for myself and my family.“