Cleaning windows with natural scented vinegar

Kevadpuhastus Mulieresega

One of the most important things about spring cleaning is washing your windows. Why? Because how else could sunrays bring light to your room than not through crystal clear windows?

If you want to wash your windows in a way that is environmentally-friendly, Mulieres’ natural lemon-scented vinegar is the best choice. It is important to remember that not all vinegars have been produced naturally – seems impossible, we know – but many of them are made of oil! Besides, many vinegars are not suitable for vegans because animal bone meal is used in their processing. The solution is Mulieres’ scented vinegar that is the result of natural processes – ethanol fermentation.  

Things you need for environment-friendly window cleaning:

  • Mulieres’ natural scented vinegar
  • water
  • spray bottle
  • lint-free washcloth or household paper

How to wash your windows:

Fill the spray bottle with one part vinegar, one part water. Shake thoroughly to mix the ingredients. Spray the vinegar water onto your window glass and wipe the whole surface with a washcloth or household paper.

If you are particularly lazy or want to clean your windows as fast as possible, here is another way to do it:

Spray the vinegar water onto your window and clean the glass with a squeegee. If necessary, use household paper to get rid of more resilient stains.

It is just that easy!

Mulieres’ natural scented vinegar contains lots of lemon – this is why it doesn’t have the usual strong scent of a vinegar that many people dislike due to its intensity.

N.B. Do not use scented vinegar on frozen glass since it may have micro cracks that vinegar only worsens. It is also not good to use vinegar on stained glass windows as it may dissolve the paint.

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